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    Time to get it all done!!

    January 29, 2015

    The nice thing about getting it all done at royal is that you can get it all done at once!! Whether dropping it off and only taking about 4 minutes, that is the easiest way – but if you stay and do it yourself, you still can get multiple washers and dryers going at once to save yourself time!!

    Rugs and more

    January 28, 2015

    As long as the rug is flexible, we can fit them into the large washers up to a 5 foot X 7 foot rug – we wash all kinds of rugs – company logos rugs, runners, hall way rugs, bathroom sets, floor mats from cars and more. Check out your hall way rug – it gets alot of use every single day and gets grungy. Bring it in and we will get it cleaned up for you.

    Sleeping bags are as good as comforters

    January 27, 2015

    Sleeping bags are basically comforters with zippers. We wash sleeping bags year round, whether from a camping trip to the woods or the kids sleepover on the floor. Unzip them ( find all of the socks left in the bottom ) , load them into the washers like a comforter, then fluff and fold. If it is gortex or down, be sure to follow the directions ( I know , that is a dirty word!! ) usually cold water wash and tumble dry low. For those two kinds, be sure and leave yourself plenty of drying time. When you take them home, leave them out overnight before you wind them back up or stuff them back in the bag. Sometimes, just like comforters, they feel dry when they come out of the dryer, but after they cool down, they are still damp. And you don’t want them to mold and then start the process washing all over again!! Be patient, dry a little longer than you think and you will be fine!

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    Your Laundry Is Our Business


    Let Royal Laundry give you the "Royal" treatment! We never mix your clothes with someone else's, and we take great care of the garments you trust us with. We will launder, dry, and fold, and when you return your laundry will be bagged up and waiting for you!

    Or, if you prefer to wash your own, you will love our technologically-advanced laundromat. You don't need to bring in coins or get change for your dollar bills anymore...our convenient laundry-card system makes things nice and easy. The cards not only work on the machines...you can buy detergent, snacks, and soft-drinks as well! And for your convenience, we provide free wireless internet access.

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