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    Fall into a new routine

    September 2, 2014

    Get in the habit of dropping off your clothes in the morning one week day and pick them up that evening. Fall resolution…..

    Summer’s not done with us yet….

    September 1, 2014

    As you can tell by some of these hot muggy nights….summer isn’t quite over yet….don’t forget to make sure your coats are clean for fall, tho….

    Hot, warm or cold…

    August 31, 2014

    How do you make the decision to use hot, warm or cold water for your wash? Some customers have the preference to always use cold water, but sometimes for sanitizing you need to use a hotter temperature. When all else fails, follow the instructions on the garment tags. For most, however, it is less expensive to wash loads combined. In that case, cold water is always the best bet. Wash like colors together. Whites – use hot / for towels – use hot / for bright colors – use cold / for grays and tans – you can use warm / for clothes that have been washed alot – use warm. For all circumstances, use your best guess – new jeans / cold – red / COLD!! The milder the soap, the less fading occurs as well.

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    Your Laundry Is Our Business


    Let Royal Laundry give you the "Royal" treatment! We never mix your clothes with someone else's, and we take great care of the garments you trust us with. We will launder, dry, and fold, and when you return your laundry will be bagged up and waiting for you!

    Or, if you prefer to wash your own, you will love our technologically-advanced laundromat. You don't need to bring in coins or get change for your dollar bills anymore...our convenient laundry-card system makes things nice and easy. The cards not only work on the machines...you can buy detergent, snacks, and soft-drinks as well! And for your convenience, we provide free wireless internet access.

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