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    (last load in at 8:00pm)

    Christmas Eve 12/24 last load in at 4:00
    Closed Christmas Day


  • 9546 Allisonville Rd. #103
    Indianapolis, IN 46250
    (317) 842-5309

    Check your pockets…

    December 22, 2014

    Be sure at this time of year to empty your pockets!! Hayfever and allergies means Kleenex, hankies, cough drops and more are in there and you don’t want to wash and dry them!!

    To dry or not to dry…that is the question…

    December 21, 2014

    Most of us hang dry or flat dry our sweaters this time of year so as not to stretch them out. We have large folding tables that you can lay items out when you are here and get a head start on the drying while you are folding the items in the dryers.

    Dry cleaning or Laundered? What’s the difference?

    December 20, 2014

    Price and handling of your clothes. One of the biggest differences is that when you drop off your clothes with us, we do not mix your clothes with any other clothes. Dry cleaners, which operate on volume, put several orders together, tagged separately, into one wash and dry load. Second is price, it is cheaper to wash items than to dry clean items. Not to say that there aren’t some items that should not be washed – but most can.

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    Your Laundry Is Our Business


    Let Royal Laundry give you the "Royal" treatment! We never mix your clothes with someone else's, and we take great care of the garments you trust us with. We will launder, dry, and fold, and when you return your laundry will be bagged up and waiting for you!

    Or, if you prefer to wash your own, you will love our technologically-advanced laundromat. You don't need to bring in coins or get change for your dollar bills anymore...our convenient laundry-card system makes things nice and easy. The cards not only work on the machines...you can buy detergent, snacks, and soft-drinks as well! And for your convenience, we provide free wireless internet access.

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