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Hooks, buttons and buckles, oh my….

Hooks, buttons and buckles, oh my….

Lingerie mesh bags are good to use for a variety of reasons: the bags keep all of the bra hooks from grabbing the sides of the washers and dryers and taking all of the other things with them. It becomes and underwear pretzel in there once a bra hook gets stuck!!! Buckles, can be another culprit…belts are not usually made to be washed…hand wash them and hang them up for best results. Buttons just break free from the one last thread they are clinging to – it is their chance for freedom from the blouse!!! We keep a container of beads and buttons for a while up at the counter, but eventually it gets too much and we get rid of them. But, if you notice soon that you are missing a particular button, give us a call and we will look for you. You never know….

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Both Laundromats will be closed on the 4th of July - 2016

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