Two Great Locations!
◉ 96th and Allisonville Rd.
◉ McCordsville
Open 8 am to 8 pm.
Let Us Do Your Laundry For You!

Modern Conveniences

Modern Conveniences

No more quarters!!! Remember when you had to search the couch, go buy quarters from the bank or hope you enough in the ash tray of your car to finish your load? No more!! Our coinless system allows you the choice of Master Card/ Visa/ Cash to purchase a card that operates every machine in the store – washers, dryers and all vending. That way , you make the purchase once and you are done. If you need more relaoding the cards is easy to do and you can keep the remaining balance on your card for your next trip.

Special Announcement:
Both Laundromats will be closed on the 4th of July - 2016

What Royal Laundry Is To You

Home Pick Up

Let us handle your laundry!


In-house Debit System

Fluff and Fold

We take care of it for you!

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