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Car grime..

Car grime..

We have all done it – had our hands full and used the hips to shut the car door. And then later on looked at our coat/clothes and gone – what is that?? Road grime – all of the grease, salt and dirt from the road splashing up on the car and now you have it on you. Bring it in and throw it in the wash to get it clean, and then……be careful!!

It is soon time for Valentine’s Day

And you know what that means…chocolate – in the pockets, on the shirts, on the table clothes, everywhere!! Be sure to treat it as soon as possible – remember, one of the main ingredients in chocolate is an oil of some kind.

Pick up and delivery

In this day and age of multitasking – let us take one of your tasks – Tues thru Thur we have a pick up and drop off same day service for your laundry – residential or business!!

Special Announcement:
Both Laundromats will be closed on the 4th of July - 2016

What Royal Laundry Is To You

Home Pick Up

Let us handle your laundry!


In-house Debit System

Fluff and Fold

We take care of it for you!

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