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Dryer sheet overload

Dryer sheet overload

Mmmm, the scented dryer sheets smell so good…often we even put a couple in the closet or drawer to take advantage of the nice, clean scented smell. But…you can use too many. Often, we open a dryer and find 6 or more sheets in a load. They have oils in them, just like fabric softener, which is what makes them so effective, but, that residue can also stay with the clothes. Regular use of 1 or 2 sheets in a load is the best way to go. Too much soap, too much softener or too many dryer sheets all can stay with the clothes and actually attract more dirt. Plus, it will help the budget to use less per load.

The cheaper, the better…right?

We all like to use bargain items – save money on the purchase and think that we are saving money on our laundry. Some of the generic detergents and bleaches biggest ingredient is water. There are several middle priced soaps that do the job without having to take a second job to buy soap. When you use the cheaper soaps, you tend to add more because you want to see more suds in the wash water, then your detergent doesn’t last as long and you have to go buy more, sooner.

Hot, warm or cold…

How do you make the decision to use hot, warm or cold water for your wash? Some customers have the preference to always use cold water, but sometimes for sanitizing you need to use a hotter temperature. When all else fails, follow the instructions on the garment tags. For most, however, it is less expensive to wash loads combined. In that case, cold water is always the best bet. Wash like colors together. Whites – use hot / for towels – use hot / for bright colors – use cold / for grays and tans – you can use warm / for clothes that have been washed alot – use warm. For all circumstances, use your best guess – new jeans / cold – red / COLD!! The milder the soap, the less fading occurs as well.

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