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Common mistakes…

Common mistakes…

One of the biggest mistakes we see every day is putting items in the wash without checking pockets…chap stick is the worst!! It is ok in the washer, usually…but then it melts in the dryer and you end up with oil stains on all of the clothes. Take a minute and check those pockets and remember not to over soap!

One Stop , Drop and Go

In one stop at Royal Laundromat, you can drop off you laundry ( along with the stress of getting it done ) with us and let us wash, dry fluff and fold your laundry. You can go to work, or to lunch, or do whatever you would rather be doing as we take care of your laundry tasks. You can accomplish this in one stop. We have same day drop off service and next day drop off service at both our locations; 96th Street and Allisonville Rd in Indianapolis and 6621 W Broadway St in McCordsville. You will be able to pick up your clean laundry knowing that you can go home and NOT HAVE TO DO YOUR LAUNDRY!!!

Check those pockets!!!

OK< it is the time of year for all of those miniature candy bars (Halloween,then Christmas and now ValentinesDay and then Easter!!…and they are delicious and we put them and the wrappers in our pockets…..then…forget about them…until we do the laundry!!! Empty your pockets!!

Special Announcement:
Both Laundromats will be closed on the 4th of July - 2016

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