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The days after Thanksgiving….

The days after Thanksgiving….

Cranberry on the white table cloth – gravy on the ties – mystery stain on the napkins? We have seen it all – Bring it to us and we will get it all washed and dried for you. Or, you can do it yourself in our large capacity washers and dryers. You need to get on your way to doing some shopping!!

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Fall Cleaning!

It is time to get all your comforters, blankets, and all other bedding fresh and clean for the coming cold weather. Our large capacity washers and dryers will do the trick. Or, you can drop them all off to us for us to wash, dry, and fold for you. Most wash, dry, and fold service is completed the same day!

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Laundry Service

Our wash, dry, and fold service is what you need to put time back into your day. We charge $1.50 per pound for general laundry and have per item pricing for comforters, sleeping bags, dog beds, horse blankets etc. Per item pricing ranges from $12.00 – $30.00.
Do you have something big to wash? Bring it to Royal Laundromat and do it yourself or let us do it for you.

Special Announcement:
Both Laundromats will be closed on the 4th of July - 2016

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