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Down and Dogs

Down and Dogs

We have had lots of people remark, wow, that smells like a wet animal when they take their down out of the washing machines. Remember, goose down or duck down are BIRD FEATHERS! That is often why your dog may want to try and change the smell of the comforter ( in his or her own unique way ). Many dogs are natural retrievers/hunters for birds and they can smell the bird, but they cannot find it!! When the comforter dries, we no longer smell it, but their sensitive noses always do.

Old solutions to modern problems

Sometimes Grandmother really did know best. Many of the modern soaps use “old fashioned ideas” to help solve laundry problems. Adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to your dry detergent will act as a stain booster. Keeping damp clothes cool until you can iron them will help prevent wrinkling ( ours were in the crisper in the refridgerator ). Distilled white vinegar will help cut strong odors. Hanging clothes out to dry outside in the sunlight will brighten whites. Rubbing alcohol does help get out ink ( dab lightly, don’t rub and use sparingly ) Hydrogen peroxide ( same warning as rubbing alcohol ) will help remove blood stains. 1/2 cup of salt in cold water will help prevent fading. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective.

Where do the socks go?

For decades, the mystery of the missing sock has baffled those doing laundry. Does it run away, was it not happy at home, did someone steal it? Sometimes the mystery is easy to solve. It got left behind at home or it fell out of the laundry basket on the way down the stairs. Often, however, we find single socks looking for their mates. Front loading washing machines spin so fast that the clothes get stuck to the sides of the drum. When using the front loading machines, be sure to spin the drum as you are unloading it to make sure that socks are not “stuck” to the top of the drum.

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